Colorado Kernels

Colorado Kernels sent me a very nice sampler package. The box they sent included nine different popcorn samples. It was hard to decide where to start with flavors like Chocolate Avalanche, Blizzard, River Bottom Crunch, and Mile High Pecan Pie.

Chocolate Avalanche

Chocolate Avalanche

I started with the Chocolate Avalanche. I probably should have saved this flavor for last because it tasted awesome and didn’t last very long.  However, the drizzled chocolate was not evenly distributed amonst all the pieces. Some pieces had lots of chocolate where others had little or no chocolate at all. The three other flavors I sampled were very good, but needed more nuts. If your going to include nuts with popcorn then make sure there are more than four.  Personally I don’t like whole nuts in my popcorn and I think it might work better if someone tried using chopped nuts. I am only able to include the mentioned flavors above in my review because someone else decided to eat the other flavors. Colorado Kernals does a nice job with the packaging and all the popcorn I tasted was fresh and crispy. I highly recommend the Chocolate Avalanche. It was my favorite.

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