Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company

Rocky Mountain Popcorn makes hot-air popped popcorn. Their flavors include White Cheddar, Caramel, Kettle Corn, Jalepeno, Butter, Red Chili, and Naked. They sent me a box filled with samples of their popcorn, but most of the bags came open during shipping so there was loose popcorn all over the inside of the box. Because of this I am only reviewing the popcorn that came completely sealed. 

Jalepeno Popcorn

Jalepeno Popcorn

I opened a bag of Jalepeno flavored popcorn and began looking, and then I started tasting. This is my usual routine when I’m eating popcorn. I like to look at each piece before I eat it because you never know what you might find []. After eating half of the bag of popcorn I realized that I am not a big fan of hot-air popped popcorn. I need that crunchy feeling in my mouth when I eat popcorn and this was just a bit too chewy. I also didn’t care too much for the flavoring. It needed more kick and could have been a lot stronger. It was just way too mild for me. Caramel and Kettle Corn were the only other flavors that arrived to me in unopened bags. I was expecting that chewy texture again when I tried these, but they were crunchier and better tasting. While reading the Nutrition Facts I noticed that the bag of Kettle Corn contained 1.5 servings per bag and had only 150 calories. I thought Naked (lightly salted) would have less but it actually had 280 calories per bag (with 2 servings per bag). That’s still not bad, but with 4.5 servings per bag for the Caramel, one bag contains 540 calories. If you like hot-air popped popcorn then try the Kettle Corn,  not because it has the least amount of calories, but because it was my favorite.

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