Fisher’s Popcorn

Fisher’s popcorn is one of the first places I go to when I vacation in Ocean City, MD. They’ve been making popcorn since 1937. I usually buy a large tub of the caramel popcorn to share with friends later and a small box for myself to devour immediately.

There’s nothing like warm crispy caramel popcorn on a hot steamy day. If you’re sitting on one of the benches on the boardwalk in Ocean City enjoying your Fisher’s popcorn then you’re probably being harassed by a few seagulls. I always share some of my popcorn with them when I’m on the boardwalk. They absolutely love this stuff as much as I do. There’s always one ugly looking seagull in the group trying to get a morsel of this delightful treat and I usually try to make sure he gets some.  I always get  a refill on my large tub for the ride home, but it’s always less than half full when I get there. Fisher’s popcorn is awesome and also highly addictive. If you ever visit Ocean City, MD make sure you stop at Fisher’s and get some caramel popcorn. It’s the best!

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