479˚ popcorn

479˚ popcorn is simply awesome! They sent me a large box that contained five smaller boxes of their most popular flavors: Fleur de Sel Caramel, Black Truffle and White Cheddar, Madras Coconut Curry and Cashews, Chipoltle Caramel and Almonds, and Ginger Sesame Caramel.

479 popcorn

Each small box contained a perfectly sealed bag of gourmet popcorn. I started with the Fleur de Sel Caramel and it didn’t last very long. It may have been the delicate flakes of sea salt, but this popcorn was gone in a flash. Could this be the best tasting caramel popcorn I’ve ever had?

All of the ingredients used in making 479˚ popcorn are certified organic. Each box contains the nutrition facts as well as a small story about the founder, a small description of the main ingredient, and a small tag line tied to the gourmet popcorn flavor. For example, the Chipotle Caramel and Almonds has the following tag line: “the contents of this box have been known to make taste buds go cha cha cha.” This is some of the best packaging I’ve ever seen for gourmet popcorn.

After devouring all of the Fleur de Sel Caramel, I opened up the box of Black Truffle and White Cheddar. The aroma was intense and musky. I guess I’m not a big fan of truffles, because I really didn’t care for this flavor combination. Each box also has a small picture of a piece of popcorn to resemble what is inside the bag. The picture on this box shows a piece of popcorn with specks of black truffle, but there were no pieces of popcorn in the bag that looked like the picture on the box.

Ginger Sesame Caramel was the next flavor I tried and it was incredible. This was my favorite flavor combination. I use ginger and sesame when I make stir-fry, but adding it to crispy caramel popcorn was a stroke of genius. If I owed a Chinese restaurant I would serve this after a meal instead of fortune cookies.

Next up was Madras Coconut Curry and Cashews. The curry flavor was very pleasant and enjoyable but there was very little coconut flavor. Most of the cashews fell to the bottom of the bag and were not eaten until half of the popcorn was gone. I like eating popcorn right out of the bag and I always have this problem with the nuts. This was also the case for the Chipotle Caramel and Almonds, however, this was my second favorite. The chipotle gave this caramel popcorn an excellent aftertaste. This was great without the almonds. If you’re going to make caramel popcorn with nuts then why not crush the nuts into smaller pieces and add them to the caramel.

The gourmet caramel popcorn from 479˚ popcorn with added organic ingredients like Fleur de Sel, chipotle, and ginger are incredible and should not be missed. If you like caramel popcorn as much as I do then you must try 479˚ popcorn. You will not be disappointed.

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