J&D’s Bacon Salt and Bacon Pop

J&D’s Bacon Salt is one of my favorite popcorn toppings. I love popcorn and I love bacon too! I use J&D’s Hickory Bacon Salt on my popcorn quite a lot and I use the Original and the Peppered Bacon Salt on my eggs. J&D’s also makes Bacon Pop. They sent me a microwave bag of Bacon Pop to sample.
bacon pop

I couldn’t wait and threw the bag in the microwave and popped it as soon as it arrived. I mean who wouldn’t like the taste of yummy bacon flavored popcorn right out of the bag. I couldn’t wait for that bacony popcorn goodness. I counted down the seconds and waited patiently for that last kernel to pop. I opened the microwave door and ripped the bag open. When the steam released I took a big wiff. But where was that bacon smell? The only thing I could smell was popcorn. It tasted OK, but there was something missing. Where was that bacon flavor? I was really dissapointed because J&D’s states that they make everything taste like bacon.

I’m a huge fan of J&D’s Bacon Salt, but I really didn’t care too much for Bacon Pop. If you want bacon flavored popcorn then I suggest using real bacon, but you really should try J&D’s Hickory Bacon Salt on some popcorn. It gives popcorn a kick!

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