Popcorn, Indiana

Popcorn IndianaPopcorn, Indiana makes great tasting gourmet popcorn. They sent me some Original Kettlecorn, Aged White Cheddar, and Cinnamon Sugar. I opened up a bag of the Kettlecorn and started looking for a popcornface while I was sampling the delicate flavor. This was no ordinary kettle popcorn. It was lightly sweetened with pure sugar cane, mildly salty, and had a great delicate crunch. I am not a huge fan of kettle popcorn, but this was one of the best I’ve ever had. Next up was the Aged White Cheddar. I opened up the bag and could tell by that first scent of chessy goodness that it was not going to last very long. It was delicious and the entire bag of popcorn was gone in a flash. Popcorn Indiana has quickly become one of my favorites, especially since I can buy it locally at Wallgreens.
Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn
My favorite was the Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn. The first time I tried this gourmet popcorn I knew that it was going to compete with my breakfast cereals in the pantry. I had some the next morning in a bowl with some milk. It was awesome. I highly recommend all of the gourmet popcorn flavors I tried from Popcorn, Indiana.

Popcorn, Indiana can be found at many retail locations such as Costco, Food Lion, Whole Foods, Winn Dixie and Wallgreens. You can also buy it online by clicking here.

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