Starving Farmer

Starving Farmer Japanese White Hulless PopcornStarving Farmer Popcorn Co. grows only Japanese White Hulless Popcorn. They sent me a two pound bag of their gourmet popcorn. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of popcorn you can eat right out of the bag, unless you’re a deer. I couldn’t wait to try this variety of popcorn so I started by gathering all the required items (large cooking pot, oil, salt, popcorn bowl) and began making some on the stove top. This has always been my favorite way to make popcorn. And, you can save a whole lot of money when you pop your own popcorn. If you’re still buying microwave popcorn then you’re spending way too much for popcorn. I make popcorn about five times a week and save well over $100 every year. And yes, I am addicted to popcorn and the way it looks. I just love popcorn.

The Japanese White Hulless Popcorn from Starving Farmer pops into smaller pieces of bright white popcorn. It was delicious and had a great natural popcorn flavor. But the best thing about this popcorn was the crunch. I really enjoyed that crunch. If you enjoy popping your own popcorn then try Starving Farmer’s Japanese White Hulless Popcorn. Did I mention that it has a great crunch?

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