Popcorn and Grape Nuts

I have to admit it. I love half-popped popcorn kernels. There’s something about that crunch that just makes that sensation in your mouth explode. When I get to the bottom of the bowl of popcorn I’m looking for those kernels that have a little white on them. You know, those old maids that didn’t have enough moisture to pop into fluffy pieces of popcorn and instead they half-popped into incredible crunchy pieces of teeth-breaking goodness. I had the same experience recently when I started eating Grape Nuts again. Paired with the popcorn that I eat every other day I’m feeling much more regular, if you know what I mean. This is probably why I love caramel popcorn so much. It’s salty, sweet, and crunchy all at the same time. I think they call it umami, the sixth sense. It’s a wonderful feeling and I am blessed to experience it by eating popcorn and Grape Nuts.

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