Oogie'sOogie’s makes gourmet popped popcorn with some very unusual flavor combinations. They sent me a box that contained the following eight flavors: White Cheddar, Movie Lovers Buttered, Smoked Gouda, Sun-dried Tomato and Parmesan, Spicy Chipotle and Lime, Romano and Pesto, Asiago and Cracked Pepper, and Hatch Chili Con Queso. The White Cheddar and the Spicy Chipotle and Lime were our least favorites. The White Cheddar was lacking a great white cheddar flavor and the Spicy Chipotle and Lime was not at all spicy. I really liked the cheese flavors, especially the Smoked Gouda. It was very hard to put down after I opened the bag. I liked the Movie Lovers Buttered popcorn too, but compared to the popcorn that I get at the local movie theater it was not as good. But my favorite was the Hatch Chili Con Queso. This popcorn had an amazing combination of flavors and would make a great topping for my chili. If you want to try some gourmet popped popcorn with a mixture of different flavors then be sure to give Oogie’s a try.

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