in-dulj makes three kinds of gourmet popped popcorn — Cravin’ Caramel Corn, Cravin “Nutty” Caramel Corn, and Cravin’ White Cheddar Corn. They sent me a small bag of each flavor. They also make five kinds of gourmet cookies and I would have like to try them too. I really like the way everything was packaged. The popcorn was fresh and each flavor came in a nice resealable plastic bag. This made it very easy to try each kind and save some for later. Popcorn can get stale very quickly and I think the use of plastic resealable bags works very well for keeping popcorn fresh.

I started off by tasting the Cravin’ Caramel Corn. It was delicious! But the Cravin’ Nutty Caramel Corn was my favorite. It contained honey roasted peanuts and when tasted together with the caramel popcorn it provided an explosion of flavor ~ honey, peanuts, caramel, and popcorn. The combination was a culinary delight. I liked the Cravin’ White Cheddar Corn too, but the big winner here is the Cravin’ Nutty Caramel Corn. Like it says on their website, “You’d be NUTS if you didn’t try this crunchy treat!” I totally agree!

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