Deep River Snacks

Deep River Snacks makes more than ten kinds of potato chips, but only one kind of popcorn — Sharp White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. They sent me some popcorn to review and what surprised me the most was that it was air popped. I never thought air popped popcorn could taste so good. The air popped popcorn that I’ve tasted in the past has always been too chewy. Whenever I try a different kind of popcorn for the first time I like to open the bag real slow, just below my nose so I can get a good whiff before I actually taste it. This popcorn had a wonderful cheesy aroma and I couldn’t wait to try it. I started out by eating a single piece at a time and before I knew it I was at the handful stage. Within a few minutes the entire bag of popcorn was gone. It was really hard to stop once I started eating this stuff. Deep River Snacks makes some great white cheddar cheese popcorn, I just wish they had other popcorn flavors.

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