New England Pretzel & Popcorn

New England Pretzel & Popcorn sent me 5 different kinds of pre-popped popcorn — Plain, Butter, Caramel, Orange Cheddar, and Confetti. Each kind came in a very nice plastic resealable container. I opened the plain popcorn first, took a handful, and began tasting. It was very good. So good that the entire container was empty in just a few minutes. After it was all gone I noticed the servings per container was approximately four and wondered if this was even necessary to print on a package of popcorn. I can guestimate that I ate approximately 15 servings within an hour — that’s well over 1,000 calories.

The Butter, Caramel, and Orange Cheddar pretty much disappeared as quickly as the plain popcorn, but I thought the Confetti popcorn was terrible. I suppose little kids like Confetti popcorn because of all the different colors, but the flavors of Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Banana, Orange, and Grape were created using artificial flavoring. I’m not a big fan of Confetti popcorn to begin with, but I would like to see someone create a gourmet popcorn flavor using real fruit flavors.

Give New England Pretzel & Popcorn a try, especially the Orange Cheddar. It was my favorite.

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