Cobra Corn

Cobra Corn is made by Dishoom Foods. They call the flavor Mumbai Masala which is a unique blend of east Indian spices. Mihir Shah, the president of Dishoom Foods, sent me a bag of Cobra Corn to sample and review. His mom actually came up with the recipe. When I first opened the bag I could tell from the aroma that it was going to be pretty spicy. I love Indian food and Cobra Corn has some very intense and complex flavors. After the first taste I found myself wanting more. What surprised me the most was the length of the aftertaste. I could still taste the spices more than thirty minutes later. Cobra Corn was really hard to put down, but I did manage to save a very small amount for an Indian friend of mine to try. She came over for lunch and I gave her some to sample. She liked it so much that she wanted to know where she could buy some.

The first bag of Cobra Corn was sold just a few weeks ago and is currently being sold in the Chicago area. Check out the Dishoom Foods website where you can find a list of places where you can buy this awesome spicy popcorn. You can also check out this video where Mihir introduces Chicago to Cobra Corn.

The combination of spices make this popcorn a must try. I love Cobra Corn.

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