Coastal Maine Popcorn Company

Coastal Maine Popcorn Company sent me a variety of samples to review. The flavors included Salt & Vinegar, Buffalo Wing, Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, and Plain popcorn. Each sample came in a non-resealable cellophane bag which is one of the only things I would change about the popcorn from Coastal Maine. Whenever popcorn is sent through the mail, it not only needs to be in an air-tight container, but a container that can be easily closed. I think stand-up resealable plastic bags and tins make the best containers for sending popcorn through the mail, unless you’re going to eat the entire bag or share it with someone. I can easily eat an entire bag of popcorn, but I do like to save some for later… sometimes.

I started out my tasting by opening up the bag of Plain popcorn which came in a unmarked bag. I really had no idea what kind of popcorn was in the bag until I opened it up and began tasting. It was really good and only lightly salted. I was really hungry so the entire bag was gone within a few minutes… and this was just the Plain popcorn. I didn’t want the same thing to happen when I opened the other bags so I got some other containers to put the popcorn into to keep it fresh. I opened up the Salt & Vinegar flavored popcorn and emptied most of the contents into a plastic container with a lid and there was still about two or three handfuls left in the bag to do my tasting. After finishing what was left in the bag, I found myself eating the popcorn in the other container and before I knew it, the Salt & Vinegar flavored popcorn was all gone. I did manage to share the other three flavors with some friends and we all liked the Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel the most. It had a great dark chocolate flavor. I also thought the Buffalo Wing flavored popcorn was too mild. It could have been a lot better with more heat.

I liked all the popcorn from Coastal Maine, especially the Plain and the Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel.

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