Ike & Sam’s

Ike and Sam’s makes flavored kettlecorn. Their product is awesome. They sent me four different flavors — Crunchy Caramel, Original Sweet & Salty, Kickin’ Cayenne and Mo’Better Cheddar. I started out with the Crunchy Caramel. It was light and crispy and it tasted a lot like Kellogg’s Corn Pops, a breakfast cereal I used to eat when I was a lot younger. The Kickin’ Cayenne had a sweet taste on the front-end like all kettlecorn does, but it really lacked a strong cayenne back-end flavor. It was pretty mild. The Mo’Better Cheddar was a bit of a surprise. It was the first time I’ve had kettlecorn with a cheese flavor added. I really liked it. It had just the right amount of sweetness and cheese flavor in one bite. The Original flavor was good too. It reminded me of the kettlecorn I get at the state fair and local farmers markets. It also had the right amount of sweet and salty flavors without being too sweet or too salty.

All of the popcorn from Ike and Sam’s was crispy and fresh. They have an excellent product. If you like kettlecorn pop on over and try them today! I liked the Cruncy Caramel the best.

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