Kernel Seasons

Kernel Season’s sent me a boxful of goodies — a one pound bag of popcorn kernels, Movie Theatre Butter popping oil, popcorn spritzer Butter spray, and a variety of their popcorn seasonings (Butter, Kettle Corn, White Cheddar, Nacho Cheddar, and Ranch).

I started out by heating up some of the butter flavored oil using my favorite large pot on the stove top. The oil smelled exactly like the buttered popcorn you get at the movies. I added three of the kernels from the bag and waited for them to pop. When the first kernel popped I removed the pot from the flame and added a full cup of kernels. I gently shook the pot so all the kernels were covered with the oil and sitting on the bottom of the pot. I waited for about 30 seconds to allow the kernels to get warmed up and then put the pot back on the stove and waited for the popping to commence. About a minute later when the popping started I began shaking the pot and a few minutes later I had a full pot of popcorn. I then poured the popcorn into five bowls, sprayed some of the popcorn with the popcorn spritzer, and added different seasonings to each.

After all the work was done, I found a good movie to watch and began tasting. Although most of the popcorn was butter flavored after using the butter spritzer, the seasonings added an additonal flavor. I liked the White Cheddar and the Ranch flavorings the most. Kernel Seasons has a great product to add additional flavoring to popcorn, but these flavorings can be used to enhance the flavor of other foods like salads and vegetetables. I might just use some of the Nacho Cheeddar flavor in an omelette. I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors.

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