Jody’s Popcorn

Jody’s sent me a box that contained three kinds of gourmet popcorn — Recipe 53 Caramel Corn, Funfetti, and Chocolate Drizzle.

I started out by opening the bag of Recipe 53 Caramel Corn. The flavor was very good and it was real crunchy, but the caramel stuck a little too much on my teeth. After eating about half of the bag I had a very unusual amount of caramel stuck to my teeth. I think this batch had a little too much caramel. The Chocolate Drizzle popcorn was my favorite and contained their Recipe 53 Caramel Corn drizzled with dark chocolate and a vanilla flavored coating. The combination of flavors was great and in one sitting the Chocolate Drizzle disappeared very quickly. I was not a huge fan of the Funfetti popcorn — the artificial colors were eye-popping — but it had very little flavor and just tasted sugary.

If you’re in Virginia Beach, VA be sure to pop on in at Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn.

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