Kernel Fabyan’s

Kernel Fabyan’s sent me a box that included three flavors — Kernel’s Caramel, Golden Cheddar, and Classic Mix.

I started out by opening the bag of Kernel’s Caramel and began tasting. The flavor reminded me of Werther’s Original. This was a very good thing because I love the taste of Werther’s caramel candy. I was so blown away by this popcorn that I ate the entire bag within minutes. It was so hard to put down after the first taste. Kernel’s Caramel is simply awesome.

Another good thing about Kernel Fabyan’s are the resealable bags. It was so easy to open and close the bag to enjoy later, although it really doesn’t matter if you consume the entire bag in one sitting. I did, however enjoy the other flavors over a period of several days. The Golden Cheddar popcorn melted in your mouth and had a very strong cheddar flavor. The Classic Mix is a combination of Kernel’s Caramel and the Golden Cheddar. I really liked the combination of flavors. The caramel and cheese together made my mouth very happy.

Kernel Fabyan’s makes awesome gourmet popcorn. I highly recommend Kernel’s Caramel. Compared to other caramel popcorn this was one of the best I’ve ever had and it’s also highly addicting.

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