Skinny Pop

Skinny Pop sent me a case of their popcorn — a dozen 4.4 oz. (125g) bags — more than enough to share with family and friends — or so I thought. Each bag contains about 4.5 servings and with only 135 calories per serving an entire bag contained just over 600 calories. Skinny Pop only has three ingredients — popcorn, sunflower oil, and salt. It’s simple and it’s also very delicious. I added a little crushed black pepper to the first bag I opened and consumed the entire bag in just a few minutes. It was great! It tasted like some of the stove popped popcorn I make at home. I have a couple of bags of Skinny Pop left that I’m going to enjoy with my family at Thanksgiving.

If you like the all-natural taste of popcorn then get some Skinny Pop and add your own spices. I liked it with a little black pepper. I’m pretty happy with the taste and the crunch of Skinny Pop Popcorn and I highly recommend it for anyone who is counting calories.

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One Response to Skinny Pop

  1. Inspired says:

    I just called the company. There are approximately 675 calories if you eat the entire bag which I just did!

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