Poppycock, made by Conagra Foods now comes in other flavors besides their Original flavor. The Original Poppycock contains a blend of popcorn, pecans, almonds, and cashews — all covered in a very tasty glaze. I remember eating Poppycock as a kid and I really liked it. Well now they have other flavors and at a recent visit to Walgreens all the Poppycock was on sale, so I picked up a bag of each flavor — Original Poppycock, Apple Crisp, Cashew Lovers, Chocolate Lovers, and Pecan Delight.

The Original flavor was just as I remembered — crunchy, sweet, and nutty. The glaze on the popcorn is really crunchy and has more of a butter flavor than caramel. The Cashew and Pecan flavors are the Original flavor with just one kind of nut. The Chocolate Lovers had almonds and pecans and every piece of glazed popcorn was drizzled with chocolate. The Apple Crisp had pecans, walnuts and apple with a dash of cinnamon all covered with that special glaze. After the first taste it quickly became my favorite new Poppycock flavor. I would eat it for breakfast.

I love Poppycock, but be warned. After you open up a bag you’ll probably end up eating the entire contents like I did, and with 7 servings in a 8 ounce bag of the Chocolate Lovers Poppycock, one bag contains more than 1,000 calories. That’s a lot for just one person, so make sure you have some friends around to share with when you open up a bag of Poppycock.

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