Crave Canyon

Crave Canyon sent me a large box that contained 12 bags of their five different flavors. The first bag I opened was “Bit O’ Land and Sea” — cane juice and sea salt kettlecorn. This popcorn was lightly coated, had the perfect balance of sweet and salty, and it had a nice crunch. I opened up a bag of “Tomato, Tomäto, Pomodoro” next — sun-dried tomato, asiago cheese and herbs. It sounded good, but I thought it was a little chewy and I just didn’t care for this flavor. The next flavor I tried was “Hatch Has Met It’s Match” — aged white cheddar and hatch green chiles. I liked this popcorn mostly because of the mildly spicy chile flavor but it lacked a strong white cheddar taste. After reading the ingredients I found out that it contained a cheese blend of aged cheddar, blue, and sharp white cheddar cheeses. “To Be Eaten Gingerly, Wasabi-San” was the next flavor I tasted — kettlecorn flavored with sweet ginger and wasabi. The flavor combination was awesome — the first crunchy taste was ginger and a very mild wasabi flavor followed. I probably would have liked this popcorn more if the wasabi flavor was a bit stronger. I saved my favorite for last and I kind of knew it was going to be my favorite before I even tasted it. It was called “From Olde England, With A Kiss” — kettlecorn flavored with anise extract. After popcorn I am a huge licorice fan. The taste of this popcorn reminded me of pizzelles, a traditional Italian waffle cookie flavored with anise. It’s amazing how many different kinds of flavored popcorn there are in the world and Crave Canyon has a few that will keep your tongue dancing.

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