All Spice Cafe

All Spice CafeThe All Spice Cafe sent me 5 samples of their popcorn — 2 small bags of the Sweet Chile Caramel Popcorn, 1 bag of the Sweet Habanero Caramel Popcorn, and 2 bags of the Sweet Ghost Pepper Caramel Popcorn. These popcorn flavors were really fun to taste one after the other. The chiles used in each flavor also have a different taste and heat level which I enjoyed.

The All Spice Cafe uses mushroom-shaped popcorn and the same sweet caramel in each flavor, but the difference is in the chiles. The Sweet Chile Popcorn was the mildest of the three flavors and could easily be eaten by the handful. The Sweet Habanero Popcorn was pretty hot and it had the best aftertaste. The heat from this popcorn stayed on the middle of my tongue for about a minute. When I first tasted the Ghost Pepper Popcorn I only took one piece because I knew it was going to be hotter than the Habanero. Within a few seconds after the first crunch I could feel the intense spiciness and heat of the Jolokia Ghost Pepper. It wasn’t overwhelming, but that lovely spicy heat stayed on the back of my tongue for several minutes. I cannot imagine eating this popcorn by the handful, so I didn’t. The Habanero and Ghost Pepper flavors are best enjoyed one piece at a time, or you can break up a few pieces and use it as a topping on soup or salad. I really liked all three popcorn flavors from the All Spice Cafe.

If you like to put hot sauce on your popcorn then give this popcorn a try. It’s currently the hottest popcorn I’ve ever tasted.

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