Glad Corn

OK, so Glad Corn isn’t made using popcorn. This crunchy snack is actually made from field corn. The same corn used for animal feed. Well, that suits me just fine. This stuff is pretty good. I absolutely love the crunch. The good folks in Mountain Lake, MN sent me four different flavors of their crunchy snack ~ Original, Gourmet Cheddar, TexMex, and Bar-B-Q.

I started out by tasting the Original. It was really crunchy, similar to small pieces of hard pretzels without all the huge pieces of salt. The kernels of corn were different sizes and the smaller ones were harder and crunchier than the larger ones. The flavor was certainly corn, just not popcorn. And, after eating an entire 4 oz. bag (4 servings and about 560 calories) there were no small pieces stuck in my teeth. No wonder farm animals like this stuff so much. I really didn’t care too much for the Gourmet Cheddar flavor. The TexMex flavor had a nice mild kick and I could have eaten the Bar-B-Q flavor all day long, it was my favorite.

I really like GladCorn. It’s a great crunchy snack. I just want to see more flavors.

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