Imagine my surprise when I found a bag of coal in my stocking this year. When I was a kid my older brother put a real bag of coal in my stocking for Christmas as a joke. But I was good this year and didn’t get real coal in my stocking, but I did get a Bag O’ Coal from LesserEvil. This company makes two kinds of kettle corn ~ Classic Kettle and Cocoa Kettle Corn. They also make a mixed version called Black & White Kettle Corn which is a mix of Classic & Cocoa Kettle Corn. LesserEvil sent me 2 small bags of the Classic, 2 small bags of the Black & White, and one small Bag O’ Coal.

I decided to open up a bag of the Black & White Kettle Corn so I could taste both flavors. I really enjoyed this popcorn because it’s not as sweet as most of the kettle corn I’ve tasted, and it’s light and crunchy too. The Cocoa flavor reminded me of Cocoa Puffs. Eating both flavors together was more enjoyable than just one of the flavors by itself.

If you know someone who is naughty or nice the Bag O’ Coal would make a great addition to any stocking, but I recommend the Black & White because you can enjoy both flavors.

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