CrunchDaddy Popcorn: Chesapeake Crunch

Chesapeake CrunchThe unusual combination of Old Bay seasoning and peanuts make this popcorn a must try. If you’ve ever eaten Maryland crabs you’re going to love the taste of Chesapeake Crunch. I’m not advising you to sprinkle peanut powder on your crabs, but this unique flavor combination on popcorn really works. I was totally surprised at just how the Old Bay and peanut flavors combine together in your mouth. This is truly a taste experience not to be missed.

I munched on my Chesapeake Crunch while watching the Ravens game this past weekend. I started out with a gallon bag when the game started and by halftime I only had a few cups left. I really wanted to make it last the entire game, but after a few more beers and a few more handfuls, the bowl was empty and the Chesapeake Crunch was all gone. However, the Ravens went on the win the game.

Chesapeake Crunch popcorn + Ravens football = a win-win situation.

CrunchDaddy Popcorn has some very unusual popcorn flavors. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting all of them and you should too. Be sure to get some Chesapeake Crunch to enjoy during the next Ravens game.

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