Too Haute Cowgirls

My Darlin' ValentineI was so happy to get another package from Too Haute Cowgirls. They recently sent me a small box that contained two gourmet popcorn flavors — Bareback Buttercrunch™ and My Darlin’ Valentine™.

As everyone knows I am a huge caramel popcorn lover. When I opened up the bag of Bareback Buttercrunch and began tasting I had a real hard time putting it down. Each kernel was covered in a delicious toffee and butter flavored caramel. The taste was awesome and all the flavors worked perfectly together. I ate more than half of the bag before I decided to save some for later. And about an hour later I was craving that buttery toffee flavor so I started eating it again until it was all gone. This popcorn has a wonderful addicting flavor and all I wanted was more.

The My Darlin’ Valentine flavor starts with their caramel popcorn and then it’s covered in dark chocolate. It also contains dried cranberries and chopped macadamia nuts. The combination of flavors and the different textures was heavenly. Sometimes when you’re eating flavors like this you forget that it contains popcorn. If you need a gift for Valentine’s Day then go get some My Darlin’ Valentine™.

I absolutely loved all the gourmet popcorn from Two Haute Cowgirls. I just wish I had more.

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