The Popcorn Fanatic

The Popcorn FanaticThe Popcorn Fanatic sent me a nice box of samples that included 8 different popcorn flavors — Caramel Bacon, Cheese Toast, Buttery Alfredo, Hot Garlic Butter, Buffalo Bleu, Sweet Cheese, Steak & Cheese, and Chicken Stew.

I decided to start my tasting with the Caramel Bacon because I really like bacon. And, this flavor had real bits of bacon. I really liked the combination of the sweet dark caramel mixed with the smokey flavor of the bacon. It was a great combination. I opened up the Steak & Cheese next and although there was no real steak, there was a strong flavor of smokey white cheddar. I was hoping for more of a steak seasoning flavor, but it just wasn’t there. The next flavor I tasted was Cheese Toast — a combination of light buttery caramel and cheese flavoring. I just didn’t like this flavor. Next up was the Buffalo Bleu — I liked the flavor but it could have been spicier. I tasted the Sweet Cheese next — a combination of lightly sweetened kettle corn and mild cheese flavoring. I really liked this one. The Buttery Alfredo was next and the combination of flavors was really good — it was a mixture of strong butter flavoring and a mild cheesy alfredo. The next flavor I tried was Chicken Stew and I expected it was going to taste a little like the flavoring used in a dry chicken soup mix, but it didn’t really have much flavor at all. This flavor needed a lot more seasoning. The Hot Garlic Butter was the last flavor I opened and it turned out to be one of my favorites — a medium butter flavor paired with a mild garlic flavor and it all ended with a spicey note on the back of my tongue. This flavor was awesome and it turned out to be the hardest one to put down.

If you happen to live in Winston Salem, NC stop on in and see The Popcorn Fanatic. I highly recommend the Caramel Bacon and the Hot Garlic Butter.

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