Wye River Crab Seasoned Popcorn

Wye River Crab Seasoned PopcornWye River Foods makes seasoning for seafood, but they also have flavored snacks. I picked up a box of their microwave popcorn flavored with their Original Red Seasoning while I was shopping at WalMart the other day. I usually don’t buy microwave popcorn because of the cost, but the convenience of getting a quick popcorn fix was necessary.

I opened up the box when I got home and placed a bag in the microwave. Most microwaves have a “popcorn” button, but it’s better to just set the timer to three and half minutes and carefully listen to the popping after three minutes. Most of the popcorn in the bag will usually pop after three minutes, but I like to give it a few more seconds and listen to the popping slow down after the three minute mark. I stopped the microwave after three minutes and fifteen seconds. This is when the popping just about stopped. I opened up the bag of popcorn and placed the entire contents in a bowl. The popcorn was pretty good, but it really needed more seasoning. I ate the entire bag of popcorn in one sitting and there were only a dozen unpopped kernels left in the bottom of the bowl. It would have been nice if they added a small bag of seasoning to sprinkle on the popcorn. I just happen to have some of their Original Red Seasoning in my spice collection, so I decided to shake a little more on the popcorn.

Wye River also makes crab-seasoned crackers and peanuts. If you like crabs then you should give these snacks a try.

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