Korean Popped Corn

Korean SnackI was at a local oriental market recently and bought a bag of this Korean Snack (Manufactured by Joeun Food Co., Ltd.). The package looked very interesting and the popped corn on the inside looked pretty weird. I’m not sure if this is same product made using the Korean Popcorn Cannon, but I just had to try some. I can’t read Korean, but the nutrition facts and ingredients were listed in English on the back of the bag along with the product name as KOREAN COOKIES. The only ingredients were corn, sodium, and sugar. There were only two servings in the 6 oz. package and each serving contained 415 calories, 84g of carbs, and 20g of sugar.

I opened up the bag and began my tasting. I could immediately taste the light sweetness of the sugar, but the crunch and flavor tasted more like rice cakes than popcorn. Each popped piece was also very similar in shape. I actually liked this rice-like hybrid variety of popped corn and I ate about half of the bag in one sitting. Maybe I’ll sprinkle on some different seasonings to kick it up a notch when I decide to finish off the other half. If you like sweet rice cakes then this snack is a must try.

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