Boulder Popcorn

Boulder PopcornBoulder Popcorn comes from Munson Farms, located northeast of Boulder, Colorado. They sent me four bags of popcorn kernels — Kailey’s Kernels, Cambria’s Cream, Ryder’s Red, and Mayor’s Mix.

Boulder Popcorn kernels are a lot smaller than regular popcorn so I was able to use about twice as many kernels when popping. The best way to measure the amount of kernels you need is to place enough kernels in whatever pot you are using to coat the entire bottom of the pot. Because I use a large pot I needed a full cup of kernels. If I was popping regular popcorn in the same pot I would only have to use half a cup of kernels.

I started out by popping some of the Kailey’s Kernels. The kernels are dark in color but they pop up bright white. They are also a lot smaller which means they pop up to a smaller size, about half the size or smaller than a regular piece of popcorn. When all the popping was over my pot was a little over half full. I seasoned the popcorn with some salt and pepper and began tasting. I really enjoyed the natural flavor of this popcorn and it’s really crunchy too. I think the smaller size kernels provide a much better popcorn taste than the generic popcorn you buy in the grocery store. The next day I popped up a cup of the Cambria’s Cream. A few days later I had some Ryder’s Red. And the day after that I popped up some of the Mayor’s Mix, a combination of all three varieties. I love popping my own popcorn on the stove top and really enjoyed all the different varieties of popcorn from Boulder Popcorn.

If you like popping your own popcorn then give Boulder Popcorn a try. The Kailey’s Kernels were my favorite. These little popcorn kernels might be small, but the popcorn flavor is huge. You can get the same four pack of kernels that I had for less then twenty bucks.

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