Smiley’s Popcorn

Smiley's PopcornSmiley’s Popcorn sent me a very large three-sectioned tin that contained Caramel Corn, Cinnamon Corn, and Cinnamon Planet. Not only was this tin large, but it was very heavy too. I started out by tasting the Caramel Corn flavor (located in the bottom of the photo). It was very crunchy and it had a very nice caramel flavor but was just too heavily coated. This is probably why the tin was so heavy.

I continued onto the the next flavor and began tasting the Cinnamon Corn. This flavor tasted a little better than the Caramel Corn. It had a very nice mild cinnamon flavor but I still thought that it just had too much caramel coating. The last flavor I tasted was the Cinnamon Planet — Cinnamon Popcorn with White Alpine Chocolate. This flavor was very similar in taste to the Cinnamon Popcorn, but it was a little sweeter and softer in texture. I also liked the flavor combination in the Cinnamon Planet. The white chocolate drizzle really worked well by softening the end taste.

I really liked all of the popcorn from Smiley’s. It was fresh and crunchy and had a pretty good flavor.

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