Crazy But True Gourmet Popcorn

Crazy But True Gourmet PopcornCrazy But True Gourmet Popcorn sent me six different popcorn flavors — a large bag of Caramel; medium bags of Coconut Curry, Caramel with a Kick, and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper; and small bags of Cinnamon Toast and Spirit Mountain Mocha.

The large bag of Caramel popcorn was my first selection. The caramel flavor was a little too light for my taste. It was good, but I just wasn’t eating it by the handful. The next flavor I tried was the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper. It was certainly salty, but I was hoping for a deep black pepper flavor, and it just wasn’t there. I love black pepper, especially on plain popcorn, but this flavor just needed more. I also thought it was a little too salty. Next up was the Cinnamon Toast. This flavor was great and it would make a great addition to any breakfast cereal in the morning. The Caramel with a Kick was the next flavor I tried and it was surprisingly good. I really liked the spice at the end. It wasn’t real hot, but had just the right amount of spiciness to stay on your tongue for a few seconds. The next flavor I tasted was the Spirit Mountain Mocha (a combination of dark chocolate and coffee). It had a hint of mocha flavoring, but the coffee flavor at the end was just too much for me. I was craving real chocolate after tasting this flavor. The last flavor I tasted was the Coconut Curry. It had a nice light coconut flavor on the front end, but I couldn’t taste much curry.

Crazy But True Gourmet Popcorn has some pretty interesting popcorn flavors. Some of the flavors I tasted could be better by using stronger spices, but I highly recommend the Caramel with a Kick and the Cinnamon Toast.

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