Popcorn Charlie’s

Popcorn Charlie’s sent me three bags of popcorn — Caramel Corn, Fantastic Vanilla, and Green Apple. I opened the bag of Caramel Corn and began tasting. After a few handfuls and re-tasting several times it just did’t have that WOW factor. I wasn’t craving for more. I thought the flavor was pretty basic and it also had a bitter aftertaste. I really didn’t care too much for the other flavors either. I could tell after tasting a handful of each kind that some of the flavoring was artificial. I realize that a lot of flavored popcorn uses artificial flavors, but some of the best popcorn flavors I’ve had use the best ingredients you can find. I think using real vanilla beans would have enhanced the flavor of the Fantastic Vanilla. I know that it’s costly to produce a popcorn product that uses some of the finest ingredients, but that’s what really makes Gourmet Popcorn gourmet.

All of the popcorn I tasted from Popcorn Charlie’s was crunchy and fresh, but I thought the flavors could use some improvement.

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