Gary Poppins

Gary PoppinsGary Poppins sent me two different kinds of popcorn – Cheese Popcorn and a mixture that contained Cheese, Caramel, and Kettle popcorn. I started with the Cheese flavor. I took a handful and crammed every piece into my mouth all at once. My mouth was filled with a delightful crunchy cheesy combination. The cheese flavor was great and my hand didn’t have all that cheese on it after eating about half the bag. I opened up the mixed combination and I was surprised that I actually liked all the different flavors together. I did, however, think that it could have used more of the caramel flavor. I would say that about 80% was either cheese or kettle flavored.

I highly recommend all the different flavors of popcorn from Gary Poppins. I would have loved a whole bag of the caramel flavor. It was my favorite.

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