Sriracha Popcorn

Sriracha Popcorn is made jointly by The Oatmeal and J&D’s. I recently received a box from J&D’s that contained a bag of Sriracha Popcorn along with two boxes of microwave popcorn — Bacon Pop and Cheddar Bacon Pop.

I actually have a bottle of Sriracha sauce in my refrigerator. It’s made with red chilies, garlic, sugar and vinegar. It really isn’t all that hot, but it has a great combination of flavors. I especially like it on scrambled eggs. When I opened up the bag of Sriracha Popcorn I expected to taste the same flavors that were in the sauce. I was pretty surprised after the first taste. It indeed had all of those flavors as well as a great crunch, and I really enjoyed the faint taste of vinegar at the end.

If you’re a popcorn addict like me, and like the taste of Sriracha sauce, then you’re going to love Sriracha Popcorn.

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