Adirondack Popcorn and National Popcorn Day

Adirondack PopcornHappy National Popcorn Day!

A few days ago I got a box from The Adirondack Popcorn Company that contained three kinds of popcorn — Moose Crunch, Adirondack Jack, and Fire Starter. I started out with the Adirondack Jack (caramel corn with peanuts). I really liked the flavor of the caramel corn, but most of the peanuts were on the bottom of the bag. The next flavor I tried was the Moose Crunch (caramel corn with peanuts and pretzels mixed in then covered with peanut butter and chocolate). It was a pretty good combination of flavors and textures, but I couldn’t taste the peanut butter flavor and only some of the mix was coated with chocolate, however, it was very delicious. I saved the Fire Starter for last because just by the name I knew it was going to be hot. I took a handful and popped it into my mouth. The first crunch provided a sweet caramel flavor followed by a medium hot spicy flavor. I liked this flavor a lot and that mild hot spice stayed in my mouth for about three minutes.

I enjoyed all the flavors from Adirondack Popcorn. The Fire Starter was my favorite. If you like a little heat on your popcorn then give this flavor a try.

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