Koated Kernels

Koated KernelsKoated Kernels sent me two bags of popcorn — Caramel and Cinnamon Roll. I started out by tasting the Caramel popcorn. It had an excellent flavor and the crunch was simply awesome. Koated Kernels uses butterfly-shaped popcorn while most other popcorn makers use mushroom-shaped popcorn to create their candy-coated flavors. I’ve always preferred butterfly over mushroom, because I just love all those little pieces in the bottom of the bag. The Cinnamon Roll popcorn had a nice cinnamon flavor and was drizzled with white chocolate. After the first taste I knew I would have to add this flavor to my breakfast popcorn list. I highly recommend both of these popcorn flavors from Koated Kernels. I was able to save some of the Cinnamon Roll for breakfast, but that was a few days ago, and now it’s all gone. Yes, you can have popcorn for breakfast, it just won’t stay in your pantry as long as cereal.

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