Tiny But Mighty

Tiny But MightyOne of my favorite kinds of popcorn to pop on the stove top is Tiny But Mighty, and now it’s available in ready-to-eat bags. I recently received a big box in the mail from farmer Gene that contained several bags of his new popcorn (currently there are two flavors — Sea Salt and White Cheddar) and a few bags of kernels. I couldn’t wait to open up a bag, so I ripped open a bag of the White Cheddar and began chomping. The crunch was exactly as I remembered but the white cheddar flavor was a bit mild. I didn’t mind and continued to eat about half the contents. I would have preferred a stronger cheese flavor, but that’s just my opinion. You really need to try this popcorn. I waited until the next day to open the Sea Salt flavor. It was just like I popped it myself. I like to season my popcorn with black pepper and sea salt… no butter required. This is just how I ate popcorn as a kid and it’s how I prefer to eat popcorn today. If you like popcorn as much as I do then do yourself a favor and go out and get some Tiny But Mighty. This popcorn is AWESOME!!!

Click here for the promotional offer.

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