jennysJenny’s sent me a box that contained two small bags of Cheese Popcorn, two small bags of Hot Cheese Popcorn, a bag of Caramel Dittos, and a bag of Triple Mix. Manufactured by Poppee’s Popcorn in North Ridgeville, OH, Jenny’s has some great snack products.

I love caramel popcorn and started by reading the ingredients in the Caramel Dittos, and to my surprise there was no popcorn. This product is made by using corn meal along with a lot of other ingredients. The first taste reminded me of Captain Crunch cereal, but after consuming more than half the bag I realized that it also has a very addicting quality. The flavor is a combination of caramel, butter, and maple flavoring all rolled into one product. I was also hooked on the crunch and just couldn’t stop eating it. I wasn’t crazy about the flavor of the Cheese Popcorn, but the Hot Cheese Popcorn had a nice kick and left a nice spicy flavor on your tongue for several minutes. I would have preferred a stronger cheese flavor. The Triple Mix was a combination of butter, caramel, and cheese popcorn. I really liked the flavor of the caramel popcorn a lot and the combination of all the flavors in your mouth at the same time was good too.

I really liked all of the products from Jenny’s, especially the caramel popcorn in the Triple Mix.

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