I recently received a box from Popsalot Gourmet Popcorn that contained all seven of their flavors — Clandestine Caramel, London Kettle, Saigon Sunrise, Roman Holiday, Brazilian Samba, Southern Surprise, and Honolulu Aloha.


I began my tasting and started with the Clandestine Caramel. It didn’t have an overwhelming caramel flavor, but it was light and crunchy. The Brazilian Samba, Southern Surprise, and Honolulu Aloha flavors used pretty much the same caramel flavoring, with nuts included (cashews, pecans, and macadamias). The popcorn in these flavors were lightly coated and also included nut butter (I really didn’t taste the difference between cashew butter, pecan butter, and the macadamia butter flavored caramel).  The average number of nuts in each bag was only about a dozen, or so. I would have preferred if the nuts were chopped up and mixed in with the caramel during the mixing process. This would have assured that some nut pieces would be on each kernel of popcorn. All of the nuts in these flavors fell to the bottom of the bag, making it difficult to get that nut flavor in each bite.

The Roman Holiday flavor was my least favorite. It was suppose to contain a Parmesan cheese flavor, but all I tasted was plain salted popcorn. My palate may have been saturated with all the caramel flavors, but I really didn’t taste a strong Parmesan flavor.

As much as I love caramel popcorn, I was surprised that the London Kettle and the Saigon Sunrise were my favorite flavors. I’m not a very big fan of kettle corn, but the London Kettle flavor rose above all the other kettle corn flavors that I’ve tasted. The Saigon Sunrise flavor is a kettle corn swirled with rich Vietnamese cinnamon. It turned out to be my absolute favorite. I even saved some to eat for breakfast the next morning. Yes, popcorn for breakfast.

I enjoyed all the flavors from Popsalot, but I highly recommend the Saigon Sunrise.

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