Mojo’s Pop Co.

Mojo's Pop Co.Mojo’s Pop Co. is a mother-daughter business based out of West Chester, PA. They sent me a bag of Maureen’s Original Toffee Popcorn, their signature gourmet popcorn flavor. It’s a great popcorn snack that is lightly coated with toffee flavored caramel and slivered almonds. Sometimes a great popcorn recipe only needs a few ingredients, and Maureen’s Original Toffee Popcorn is just one of those popcorn flavors that succeeds with popcorn, pure cane sugar, butter, almonds, canola oil, and salt. The combination was outstanding. The only problem I had was that a good portion of the almonds fell to the bottom of the bag, however, the ratio of almonds to popcorn was just about right. I really enjoyed the crunchy texture of the toffee popcorn paired with the chewiness of the almonds. I hope to be tasting some of their new flavors soon.

You can find Mojo’s every Saturday at the Artisan Exchange’s Indoor Artisan Foods and Farmers Market located in West Chester, PA.

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