Grandma Jack’s

grandmajacksGrandma Jack’s sent me a large box that contained a small container of Chocolate Caramel and eight large tubs of their gourmet popcorn — Caramel, Caramel Cashew, Gold Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar, Caramel Cheese, Cajun, Jalapeno, and Herbs & Garlic.

I began my tasting by opening the small container of Chocolate Caramel (pictured). Grandma Jack’s is located in Bird-in-Hand, PA and the chocolate they use comes from Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz, PA. The dark chocolate had a very deep flavor that complimented the crunchy caramel popcorn. It was sweet, salty, chocolaty, and crunchy.

The Caramel and Caramel Cashew were the next two flavors I tried. The Caramel flavor was pretty good, but the Cashew Caramel tasted a lot better. I’m not quite sure if the caramel flavoring was the same in both recipes, but I really liked the Caramel Cashew flavor. There were quite a lot of cashews, however, a lot of them fell to the bottom of the container. I still think that if you’re going to use nuts in a popcorn flavor then you should crunch them up and add them to the caramel before adding them to the popcorn. This would ensure that a lot of popcorn pieces contain nuts. The Bacon Cheddar flavor did not contain any real bacon and I believe bacon-flavored salt was used. I love bacon, and if a product has the word “bacon” on it then I want “bacon” in it. This flavor along with the Caramel Cheese, Cajun, and Jalapeno were my least favorites. That doesn’t mean that you might not like them, it just means that I liked the other flavors more. However, the Herbs & Garlic flavor was fantastic. The combination of garlic along with some other herbs made this flavor explode in your mouth. Once I started tasting this flavor I was hooked and couldn’t stop eating it.

All of the popcorn from Grandma Jack’s was crunchy and fresh. Be sure to try the Herbs & Garlic flavor. It was my favorite and it’s very addictive. Just make sure you don’t go on a date or kiss anyone after eating this flavor. Enjoy!

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