Kettle Corn NYC

If you live in New York City and like popcorn then you’ve probably had Kettle Corn NYC. They sent me a big box that included eleven different flavors — Original, Salted, Caramel, Natural Cheddar, Spicy Cheddar, Spicy Cajun BBQ, Cheddar Caramel, Coconut, Chocolate, Cotton Candy, and Chili Lime.

I was a totally surprised by the amount of popcorn that was sent. I know it was going to take a huge effort to eat it all myself, which I would have been glad to do, but I decided to share a lot of it with the people I work with. There were a few flavors that I really didn’t care too much for so I’m going to mention them first. The Cotton Candy flavor was my least favorite. It was way too sweet for me and I didn’t think that it tasted much like cotton candy at all. I gave it to one of my co-workers who thought it was great. The Chocolate flavor was another flavor that I found to be off a bit. It had a cocoa powder flavor which I didn’t like, but when I offered it to my co-workers it was happily devoured. The Coconut flavor was the only other disappointment. It didn’t contain any real coconut and I just didn’t like the artificial flavoring.

Now on to the good flavors… As you can see there were only three flavors that I didn’t care for, so that leaves eight good flavors to talk about.

The Original was their version of kettle corn. It was pretty good. Compared to other kettle corn flavors it had a very mild sweet flavor. The Salted flavor just contained more salt, which I liked better and it also enhanced the mild sweetness. When I began tasting the Caramel flavor I had a hard time putting it down. That’s my indication that it’s really, really good. This flavor along with the Caramel Cheddar never made it to my workplace. The Spicy Cheddar flavor needed a bit more heat to kick it up a notch, but it was pretty good too. The Natural Cheddar had a nice cheddar flavor without the sweetness and my fingers got yellowed a bit while tasting. The last two flavors I tried were the Spicy Cajun BBQ and Chili Lime because I thought that these were going to be the spiciest… and I was right. The Spicy Cajun BBQ flavoring was not too spicy, but it had a great BBQ flavor. I do think that the Cajun spices could have been a little stronger. The Chili Lime was probably the biggest surprise of all. I’m definitely adding this flavor my HOT list. When I first tasted this flavor the mild taste of lime came to the front of my tongue, but then I got blasted with a strong intense heat that was an incredible experience and the combination of flavors was fantastic. It’s pretty hot so beware.

All of the flavors from Kettle Corn NYC were fresh and crunchy. I do recommend that you try the Caramel and Caramel Cheddar flavors. They were my favorites. And, if you like the heat then try the Chili Lime. It’s a spicy sensation.

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