sexyPopI recently received a box from SexyPop Popcorn that contained four popcorn flavors — Lightly Salted, Black Pepper, Brazilian Coconut, and Bangin’ Cheddar. SexyPop was created by Robert Ehrlich, the founder of Pirate’s Booty. All of the flavors use a butterfly-shaped Japanese popcorn as the base and contain very light flavoring.

I began my tasting with the Lightly Salted flavor. It was crispy and fresh tasting and only contained three ingredients — popcorn, sunflower oil, and sea salt. And the best part is that it only has 35 calories per cup. The next flavor I tried was the Brazilian Coconut. It uses the same fresh crisp tasting popcorn and contained a very light flavor of fine coconut powder. I really enjoyed the light subtle coconut flavor. The Bangin’ Cheddar flavor was next up and the flavoring was also very subtle. The cheese flavor was much lower than any other cheddar flavored popcorn that I’ve tasted. The Black Pepper flavor was the last flavor I tried. It was also very lightly flavored. I could hardly taste the black pepper with my first taste because most of the pepper fell to the bottom of the bag.

SexyPop Popcorn will appeal to anyone who is counting calories and looking for very subtle flavoring. The Brazilian Coconut had the best flavor and the Lightly Salted was my favorite. If you enjoy strong flavors in your popcorn then SexyPop may not be the popcorn for you, but if you like light flavored popcorn then give SexyPop a try.

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