Popcorn Passion

popcorn-passionPopcorn Passion sent me a sampler of four different popcorn flavors — Fennel Caramel, Butter Caramel, Toffee Butter Crunch, and Peanut Butter Swirl.

I started out by tasting the Fennel Caramel. It was a flavor that I wish I had opened up last because it was so good that I consumed the entire contents within a few minutes. It had an incredible addicting quality… most likely because I love the taste of licorice and the fennel flavor was very similar. The combination of fennel and caramel flavors together was awesome. I was craving for more when it was all gone. The Butter Caramel flavor was the next flavor I tried and it was almost as addicting as the Fennel Caramel. It had a light butter flavor that combined perfectly with the caramel popcorn. The Toffee Butter Crunch was the next flavor I tried. It was milk chocolate coated and contained bits of toffee. The popcorn was not very crunchy but the flavor was pretty good. I think that the milk chocolate coating caused the popcorn to get a bit chewy. There were a lot of small pieces of toffee that stuck to each piece of popcorn and there were some larger pieces of toffee as well, that I really liked a lot. The last flavor I tasted was the Peanut Butter Swirl. It tasted OK, but the peanut butter flavor wasn’t very strong and I think it would have tasted better without the addition of the white chocolate.

I enjoyed all four popcorn flavors from Popcorn Passion, but the Fennel Caramel was awesome. I would recommend this flavor to anyone who loves the taste of licorice or fennel. I only wish I had more.

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