Thanksgiving and CrunchDaddy Popcorn

CrunchDaddyPopcornEvery Thanksgiving I try to find a few gourmet popcorn treats to share with family and friends and this year I brought two new flavors from CrunchDaddy Popcorn — Butter Rum & Cranberry Crunch and Amanda’s Pistachio Pudding Crunch. I’m very lucky because I know the owner of CrunchDaddy Popcorn, Dan Bazis, and he provided me with a gallon of each flavor. And, I must mention that this guy is a popcorn genius. I fell in love with his Honey and Cinnamon Crunch (still my favorite CrunchDaddy flavor) a couple of years ago. He has some incredible flavor combinations that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

I celebrated Thanksgiving with about 30 other people. In addition to a pretty big group of people, we had two turkeys, lots of side dishes, and too many deserts to mention. There were also three kids who couldn’t keep their hands out of the popcorn. With so much excitement going on I barely had a chance to grab a few handfuls for myself. I’m not a big fan of cranberry sauce so I decided to put some of the Butter Rum & Cranberry Crunch on my plate next to the mashed potatoes, turkey, and gravy. The butter rum flavor was awesome and the addition of cranberries provided a chewy texture. I just love the combination of crunchy and chewy in one bite. After dinner, we all watched some old videos and played poker, and I began to notice just how fast the popcorn was being consumed. It wasn’t too long before both gallon containers were completely empty. I did manage to get a few handfuls of Amanda’s Pistachio Pudding Crunch before it was all gone. This just happens to be my second favorite CrunchDaddy Popcorn flavor. The combination of caramel, pistachio pudding, and pistachios are just amazing. I love pistachios and now I don’t have to waste my time trying to open those nuts that don’t open. I’ve actually used a hammer to get to some of those nuts.

Set yourself up this holiday season and go order some of Dan’s new gourmet popcorn flavors. After you taste Amanda’s Pistachio Pudding Crunch for the first time you’ll be hooked and I’m pretty sure you’ll be coming back for more. Thanks again Dan!!

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