Popcorn Queens

popcorn_queensPopcorn Queens sent me a nice package that contained six different gourmet popcorn flavors — Salted Caramel, Buttered Rum, Caramel Peanut, Cinnamon-Apple, Cranberry-Orange, and Chipotle.

I started my tasting with the Salted Caramel. The first thing I noticed is how this popcorn feels in your mouth. It disintegrates very easily. It also had a great crunch, a mild caramel flavor, and a well balanced saltiness. The Caramel Peanut was the next flavor I sampled. It tasted very similar to the Salted Caramel, but had a lot of salted nuts. The combination of flavors was very good and the peanuts were fresh and crunchy. Next up was the Buttered Rum flavor. It had a great rum flavor and contained dried pineapple pieces that added to the crunchiness. It also contained sweetened coconut flakes, but I just didn’t taste them that much. The Cranberry-Orange was the next flavor I tried and I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of flavors — it was awesome!! The flavor of orange-caramel popcorn with dried cranberries and pistachios was a big hit. This turned out to be my favorite flavor. I could have easily enjoyed the Cinnamon-Apple for breakfast. It contained a cinnamon flavored caramel popcorn and included dried apple pieces that also added to the crunchiness. The last flavor I tried was the Chipotle. It had a sweet caramel flavor on the front end and finishes off with a very mild chipotle spice.

I really enjoyed all of the flavors from Popcorn Queens. I especially like how the popcorn feels and breaks apart in your mouth. This popcorn was very easy to chew and I would highly recommend you get some of the Cranberry-Orange flavor. The combination of flavors made this my favorite Popcorn Queens flavor.

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