Loveland Acres Popcorn

loveland_acresLoveland Acres Popcorn sent me three bags of popping corn — Ruby Red, Confetti, and Shaman’s Blue — and three ears of popcorn on the cob. I popped up a big bowl of the Confetti popcorn kernels and began tasting. All I added was a little sea salt. This popcorn has a great natural flavor and it’s also the perfect kind of popcorn to look for popcornfaces. Because of the different colored hull the Ruby Red and the Shaman’s Blue popcorn had dark pieces of visible hull, but the starchy part still popped up bright white.
All the popcorn from Loveland Acres popped up perfectly. There were only a few kernels that didn’t pop. If you like the natural flavor of popcorn then give Loveland Acres a try. This popcorn is especially good for finding popcornfaces. I found the piece pictured below in the first batch of Confetti popcorn that I popped. The magnified pictures below are from the same piece of popcorn. No matter which way you look at this piece it looks like a dog.

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