Pop Art

popartPop Art Gourmet Popcorn sent me a box that contained four flavors — Rosemary Truffle, White Pepper Parmesan, Thai Coconut Curry, and White Cheddar Jalapeño.

At the request of my spouse I opened up the White Cheddar Jalapeño. It was fantastic! The first taste was a creamy cheddar followed by a very nice spicy jalapeno flavor that stayed on my tongue for about four minutes. I was soon eating it by the handful. The Rosemary Truffle flavor was next. The combination of the two flavors worked great together. As I opened up the bag I got a mild rosemary aroma combined with a very nice earthy truffle scent. I could tell just by smelling this flavor that it was going to be awesome — and it was! The Thai Coconut Curry was next and it didn’t disappoint me — the combination of these two flavors also worked great together — and it was not that spicy. The last flavor I tried was the White Pepper Parmesan. I liked it, but I wanted a stronger Parmesan and white pepper flavor. It was just too mild for me.

I really enjoyed all the popcorn from Pop Art, and I highly recommend the White Cheddar Jalapeño flavor. I’m adding it to my spicy popcorn list.

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