Retrocorn: Licorice Popcorn

retrocornA couple of months ago I reviewed some popcorn flavors from Retrocorn (click here to read my review). They have some very interesting flavors (the Lime and Lemon Sherbet flavors are incredible), and because they use crushed candy I suggested that they try to create a licorice flavored popcorn. Well, that day has arrived and Greg Taylor, the chief popcornoisseur at Retrocorn, created a licorice flavor and sent me some to sample. On the outside (pictured above) it looks just like any other flavor that Retrocorn creates, but it’s the flavors in those tiny bits of crunchy sweetness that are attached to the popcorn that really makes this popcorn pop! The flavor reminded me of Good and Plenty, one of the many kinds of candy that I ate as a child at the movie theater. If you live in England, where you can purchase Retrocorn, then go out and get some today. This flavor is a must try if you like licorice.

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